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MADONNA the Material Girl is turning 50

Yes, the Queen of Pop is turning 50 on the 16th of August. Me and my friends during our high school days danced to her music, sing her songs, teeage years are gone but she is still up there, can still sing and dance have a lively concerts and best of all she had a single and a music video with Justin Timberlake who was a toddler when she started singing.

4 Minutes, a duet from her album Hard Candy

recorded with Sexyback hunk Justin Timberlake

Everybody Music Video

the very first single of Madonna, was realeased on 1982, to tell you the truth It is only today I learned about this song ( blogging is educational too you know). This was followed by "Physical Attraction" on 1983, then "Holiday" same year. On 1984 the song that had our ears attention is "Borderline" I can still the song lol. This song became her first Top Ten hit in March of 1984.

Borderline music video

On 1984 the Album "Like A Virgin" was produced, it was the time the Madonna Fever started, her style was seen everywhere the lace tops, thick eyeliner and fishnet stockings.

Like A Virgin Video

... and as they say.. the rest is history.. sigh... it's so nice to reminisce.


autumn said...

she's really the queen of pop. no doubt. ^^

Anonymous said...

Amazing post about this great person )))

The Seeker said...

A very nice tribute to Madonna.
Very nice post.