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Yesterday while I was in the store I saw a teenager, a teenager who looks older than me lol that is a bit exaggerated, anyway... what I was trying to say is young people are in a hurry to be an adult while the older ones are acting like a child. Funny it may seem but I understand why. At first I thought this is because people cannot be satisfied with anything but on the second thought this is all about FREEDOM. When I was on my teenage years, I felt the same way I cannot wait to be an adult so there will be no rules and regulations to follow, I can do my own decisions, no more school and above all I can be on my own. Now, I'll be 38 on the 19th, married with my 3 great children, Iam the one implementing the rules, I still dont do the decisions my husband is the one doing that, Iam the one handling all the responsibilities in the house and if I fail as a mother and as a wife it will be my family who will suffer, and also let's not forget as an adult the skin is beggining to sag, the joints are starting to ache. I day dream about going back to school and then I realized the freedom everybody is looking for are the school days .... when I was a student all I care is my studies, I can be with my friends everyday, I can express myself very well without second thought, bills, food and chores are not my problem.
This is only an experience I would like to share to all young people, dont rush things enjoy every bit of your youth nobody can ever go back to highschool days, the best days of our life. Adulthood will come and once you're their I wish you would never have to tell yourself "If only I can go back".

Water as Fuel

Last November 14 the Honda Debuts All-New FCX Clarity Advanced Fuel Cell Vehicle
Dynamic styling and performance herald major advances for fuel cell vehicles; limited marketing to begin next summer. In Los Angeles, it will cost $600 per month, including maintenance and collision insurance.

Anybody knows who invented the engine that use water instead of fuel??? It was a filipino, but it wasnt developed in the Philippines it was sold to the Japanese since the Philippine government cannot afford or maybe not interested on the invention, so sad to think we the filipinos didnt give any attention to this and now the Japanese is the one introducing it to the world.