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Desperate Housewives Coming To A Stop After Seventh Season

Teri Hatcher Desperate Housewives fans hold your breath! The series will come to an end at the end of the seventh series. The good news is that the show begins its fifth season on Thursday at Studio 23, so we still have three full seasons left.
There will be some major switch on the story, Eva Longoria or known as Gabby will have 2 grown children and still be married to Carlos Solis. On this season Gabby will not be the sexy babe as we all know, she have gained weight awwww, but only on this show she's still sexy as ever.
Marcia Cross, known as Bree will see herself as Martha Stewart... I don't know what this really means maybe she will making more muffins and be more house cleaning maniac.
Teri Hatcher, known as Susan who is married to the plumber Mike Delfino, they had a baby last season, right?
Felicity Huffman, as Lynnette who has cancer on the last season, which she was trying to hide the condition from her friends, just like Bree who hid the pregnancy of her daughter and she pretend she was the one who was Pregnant. On the end they both opened up and the story continues. Lynnette with 4 kids plus the illegitimate child of Tom (the witchie kid lol) now are teenagers.
Edie, last season there was a hint that she will leaving the Wisteria Lane, Edie is the spice of the series, Edie being the one who would like to have a "taste" with all the man in the neighborhood will be a big lost in the story if she leaves.


Anonymous said...

And I would love to enjoy them )))

autumn said...

that seems interesting. but you know, i really haven't seen any series lately. due to my work. =[