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It's 08-08-08 Beijing Olympics is Officially Open

Today is August 8, 2008... lucky day which can only happen once in a 100 years, according to Chinese people which I know many people agree. Number 8 is lucky because when we write the number we start from the top and ends on the top also. Here are some photos I found on the internet...

some people just can't enough ha... this is a human canvass for the olympics... Beijing Olympics is only for 17 days ( August 8 to Aug. 24 ) and his tatoos will be for life...


The "Bird's Nest" is one of the most difficult steel structure masterpieces in the world. Its construction was completely undertaken by the Chinese alone. Using their cerebal and manual powers, the Chinese workers created a building with the optimal visual effect: a metal edifice made to look like a bird's nest. This is indeed an immense architectural feat, unprecedented in sporting history. As a witness to the 2008 Olympic Games, the "Bird's Nest" is of large historic significance. As such, a metal model of the "Bird's Nest" is very much worth adding to any souvenir collection. The metal plates that accompany the models as labels are made from residual steel left over from the construction of the actual site. The officially licensed products, ranging from medium to large sizes, were put on sale in licensed stores on September 19, 2007.

Some of the Olympic Souvenirs


PENDANT material 925Silver
Size 41.7*30.5mM
Weight 8.1GRAM


Model truss of Bird's Nest

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Anonymous said...

Great spotting ))) These Games promise to be hot )))

Anonymous said...

The opening was great )))

autumn said...

magnificent. O_O