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Info on Autism

My Blog Sea Shell is about my daughter Michaella, a 12 year old girl with autism, this guy really bothers me he has no idea how our heart bleed because of her condition, I know all he wants is the attention and he is getting it... if you're interested to know autism you can click on sea shell and to know autism a bit... thanks


Anonymous said...

Once again sorry dear ((( I don't know anything about autism ((( but I wish you and your daughter GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

jackie said...

thanks for the comment angel, i really feel sorry for her but i learned to accept the fact that she will be with me my whole life, there is no problem with that i love her with all my heart the only concern i have is what will happen to her after iam gone.

autumn said...

never lose hope. God won't ever forsake you. good to know you're a caring mom. =]