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Airlink Aviation College ( Plane Crash ) Mark Dennis Garcia

On Thursday, August 28, a Tomahawk Plane crashed, owned by the Airlink Aviation College. The student pilot Mark Dennis Garcia died on the said accident he is only 18 years old. His body was recovered on Friday morning... this incident could be a pilot error, plane misfunction, or whatever reason anybody can think of. Whatever the reason maybe, this is so devastating, he is so young, with full of dreams, dreaming of becoming a pilot someday. This is a waste. My son who is enrolled in the same school came home with this news, he is so affected, although he is taking up AMT (aircraft maintenance technology) he said he sees Dennis inside the school playing ping-pong or just walking pass by him, he feels so bad about it. I, as a mother is also concern, all enrollees of Airlink are required to be taken to Lubang, in Occ. Mindoro, twice every semester for freshmen, once for 2nd year and required to stay for 3 days or less, a waiver is also required to be singned by us. A waiver which indicates that the school will not be responsible if something bad happened while on the said trip, is this fair? although I know the school will do all their best and precautions on keeping the trip safe, Iam not comfortable every time my son leaves the house for Lubang, what more with this news?

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Pokwang (joey deleon aswang)

People have heard about this for sure, negative comments are given to Joey Deleon. This is what he is looking forward to, ATTENTION!!!... and everybody is giving it to him (just like me lol). I will not be commenting about him anymore... This post is for Pokwang... Pokwang Iam one of your fans, everyday you make me laugh and forget about anything that bothers me. Me and my kids are looking forward to see what costume you will be wearing for the day. I know being a comedian is a gift and being a comedian is not easy, people expect a joke or humor from you whether youre are ok or not. I remember what Dolphy told to an interviewer... "if you use green jokes to make people laugh then youre not a comedian" and that is joey deleon's style (jerk). The last time you had a show in Melbourne with Chocolate my sick sister in law watch your show she send as SMS just to tell me she enjoyed every bit of your show and she even forgot she was sick... I thank you for that...

Keep it up Girl...

MADONNA the Material Girl is turning 50

Yes, the Queen of Pop is turning 50 on the 16th of August. Me and my friends during our high school days danced to her music, sing her songs, teeage years are gone but she is still up there, can still sing and dance have a lively concerts and best of all she had a single and a music video with Justin Timberlake who was a toddler when she started singing.

4 Minutes, a duet from her album Hard Candy

recorded with Sexyback hunk Justin Timberlake

Everybody Music Video

the very first single of Madonna, was realeased on 1982, to tell you the truth It is only today I learned about this song ( blogging is educational too you know). This was followed by "Physical Attraction" on 1983, then "Holiday" same year. On 1984 the song that had our ears attention is "Borderline" I can still the song lol. This song became her first Top Ten hit in March of 1984.

Borderline music video

On 1984 the Album "Like A Virgin" was produced, it was the time the Madonna Fever started, her style was seen everywhere the lace tops, thick eyeliner and fishnet stockings.

Like A Virgin Video

... and as they say.. the rest is history.. sigh... it's so nice to reminisce.

PUSSYCAT DOLLS "When I Grow Up" Video (playlist included)

WHEW!! have you seen that!

This group is smokin hot... this is what you call a package.. the song, the dance and the group



Desperate Housewives Coming To A Stop After Seventh Season

Teri Hatcher Desperate Housewives fans hold your breath! The series will come to an end at the end of the seventh series. The good news is that the show begins its fifth season on Thursday at Studio 23, so we still have three full seasons left.
There will be some major switch on the story, Eva Longoria or known as Gabby will have 2 grown children and still be married to Carlos Solis. On this season Gabby will not be the sexy babe as we all know, she have gained weight awwww, but only on this show she's still sexy as ever.
Marcia Cross, known as Bree will see herself as Martha Stewart... I don't know what this really means maybe she will making more muffins and be more house cleaning maniac.
Teri Hatcher, known as Susan who is married to the plumber Mike Delfino, they had a baby last season, right?
Felicity Huffman, as Lynnette who has cancer on the last season, which she was trying to hide the condition from her friends, just like Bree who hid the pregnancy of her daughter and she pretend she was the one who was Pregnant. On the end they both opened up and the story continues. Lynnette with 4 kids plus the illegitimate child of Tom (the witchie kid lol) now are teenagers.
Edie, last season there was a hint that she will leaving the Wisteria Lane, Edie is the spice of the series, Edie being the one who would like to have a "taste" with all the man in the neighborhood will be a big lost in the story if she leaves.

It's 08-08-08 Beijing Olympics is Officially Open

Today is August 8, 2008... lucky day which can only happen once in a 100 years, according to Chinese people which I know many people agree. Number 8 is lucky because when we write the number we start from the top and ends on the top also. Here are some photos I found on the internet...

some people just can't enough ha... this is a human canvass for the olympics... Beijing Olympics is only for 17 days ( August 8 to Aug. 24 ) and his tatoos will be for life...


The "Bird's Nest" is one of the most difficult steel structure masterpieces in the world. Its construction was completely undertaken by the Chinese alone. Using their cerebal and manual powers, the Chinese workers created a building with the optimal visual effect: a metal edifice made to look like a bird's nest. This is indeed an immense architectural feat, unprecedented in sporting history. As a witness to the 2008 Olympic Games, the "Bird's Nest" is of large historic significance. As such, a metal model of the "Bird's Nest" is very much worth adding to any souvenir collection. The metal plates that accompany the models as labels are made from residual steel left over from the construction of the actual site. The officially licensed products, ranging from medium to large sizes, were put on sale in licensed stores on September 19, 2007.

Some of the Olympic Souvenirs


PENDANT material 925Silver
Size 41.7*30.5mM
Weight 8.1GRAM


Model truss of Bird's Nest

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Angelina's Twins Photo (Vivienne and Knox)

Vivienne & Knox

First Photo: Meet Vivienne & Knox Jolie-Pitt  Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Shilo's (first born baby of Angelina and Brad) photo costs $6 Million. $14 Million for the twins... Children really are a blessing lol. Infairness to Brangelina... the money collected from the photos will go to Charity as they said.

With a big family of 8, I wonder how they are in the house, even with nanies kids will be kids. I salute the couple for adopting 3 kids... lot of rich people dont bother about loving other peoples children. Giving help to charities is just giving money, but to take a kid home is a different thing. MABUHAY! Brangelina.

FLYLEAF ALBUM (Happy Listening)

I have been busy with so many things inside the house when I heared my son listening to music... I dont really like alternative rock musics but this one is interesting. Interesting enough so I decided to post about them. The lead vocalist Lacey Mosley... God! what a voice... I just hope she had turned her back on drugs totally.

The Album "Flyleaf" was released on October 4, 2005, their third single "All Around Me" topped their first 2 singles which were the "Im so Sick" and "Fully Alive", and on 2007 the album was re-released CD/DVD versions. I have prepared a playlist... ENJOY!